High Speed Insulated Roller Shutter Doors

Improve Safety

Reduce Heating Bills

Increase Productivity

We are constantly on the crest of new technology. The insulated D4 fast actors can operate on basic controls but are specifically designed to automatically open and close doors at speed using a variety of triggers. It has removed the need for what was previously a two door install (security shutter and high-speed curtain).

Old rapid doors often require a secondary security shutter; our new fast acting roller shutters offer dual purpose for speed of operation as well as a single point of security.

Any area that requires fast access

Climate control

Particle/chemical retention

High traffic areas

  • Motorized as standard
  • Safety features as standard
  • Can move up to 1000mm/second
  • Constructed from insulated steel
  • Choice of RAL colour
  • Benefits from a variety of control options and trigger methods.