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Key benefits of a Dyson Doors Service

To ensure the reliable operation of your access products and to reduce the risk of breakdowns, maintenance is key. We are targeted and diligent, any minor issues are repaired free of charge; all part of the service.

For simplicity please see summarised benefits below:

  • Priority response gained in the event of an emergency (accidental damage or otherwise)
  • Increased reliability and extended product life
  • Minor repairs carried out during service
  • Maximize efficiency of operation
  • Worn components identified before potentially expensive failure
  • Comprehensive post service report provided recognised by insurances + HSE compliant
  • Detailed database of all components gathered to ensure efficient response should any issues arise at any point in the future

When benefiting from all of the above you will also be meeting your Health & Safety requirements as stated within government guidelines.

We recommend general access products are serviced a minimum of 12 monthly intervals with high usage or fast acting doors at 6 monthly.

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