Upgrades and Safety



More Secure

Optical safety edge –

The Optical Electronic Safety Edge fits to the base of your door. It’s suited to all Industrial and Residential doors helping to prevent injury and accidental damage. The sensors immediately detect any obstructions causing the door to stop and/or return to the open position.

All safety edges are designed to meet EN12453 & 12978 and are IP68 rated.


Photocell –

This is a safety system that fixes alongside your doors operating area. Automatically stopping or reversing it if something is in danger of the door closing upon it.

It emits an infrared ray to determine if there is any object obstructing the doors operation.


Loop detectors –

In ground loop detectors are designed to be buried in proximity to a gate, traffic barrier, or shutter. When set to an unlocked position it allows access into a secured area. Used along side safety features these systems can automatically close the access product once access is gained.


Safety brakes –

We offer a full range of mechanical and electrical safety brakes to suit all requirements. In the event of door failure these products are designed to prevent accidents or further damage by stopping and slowing a doors fall.


Side seal/brush strip/rubber seal –

These components offer a better seal from external elements and help reduce noise both during operation and in times of severe weather.


Motors –

Simply put, we do not compromise on quality. Offering motors to suit all types of access products to the best quality and reliability.